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We are Okamura Vietnam Co., LTD.

A 100% Japanese owned company

Design – Installation – Maintenance

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New Biotank ® – Japanese Johkasou 

Disinfection System

Total Water Solutions

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Every project is a result of a hard working

Sucessfull of project is our motivation

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We provide high quality and sustainable services and products that contribute to improve community’s living conditions and to protect the environment. 

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Water Treatment System

Nowadays, by the development of industry, urban and population explosion, natural water sources are gradually depleted and polluted. Therefore, Water treatment plays a very important role in our…
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Wastewater Treatment System

We provide the wastewater treatment system basing on the Johkasou – an advanced septic tank in Japan. The Japanese Johkasou system has been widely applied in many projects in the world.The…
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Disinfection System

Disinfection system is our strength. As we known, without disinfection, our system including piping, equipment, etc. could be affected by the bacteria living in the water that goes through the…
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Trading Services

Our trading services help you focus on your business and compete in global markets. Whether your company are, our correspondent network will ensure that we meet all your  requirements.  Our trade…
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Evoqua Distributor

Since 2017, Okamura Vietnam Co., Ltd. has become the official distributor of Evoqua – USA, specializing in water equipment and solutions. Click here for Authorization letter: Authorization…
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Piping System

Okamura Co., Ltd. has power and experience to provide complete piping solutions as:           – Tube material, reduce costs           – Appropriate retention system        …
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